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Mr. Circuit Project[edit]

The lab, students each recieved a Mr. Circuit kit and a inventory log. The students were then required to dissect the Mr. Circuit kit and check off each internal and external part on the inventory list. The students with incomplete kits, then recorded the missing parts on the inventory list and returned kits to the lab instructor, Dr. Vandergrift. Once the missing parts of each kit were counted and recorded two students, including myself and Phillip, went to fill the missing parts of each kit. In order to complete the kits approval was needed from Dr. Ciampaglio to ensure proper handling, because the missing parts were in the Geology lab. Once approval was received, the circut parts were found on a top shelf above the sink in the Geology lab. Each drawer was labeled according to part name and size. The missing inventory parts were found and verified with the inventory list. Now, each student Mr. Circuit kit is complete.

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